Hi, I’m Belinda Eckols

I’m a mom to two, a Texas native, and a “connector” who loves to strike up conversations with strangers (even if we don’t speak the same language!).

Growing up, I took lots of vacations with my parents that tended to be focused on relaxing together. When I had a family of my own, I wanted to up the ante—and show my daughters that vacations could be more than a refreshing escape. Don’t get me wrong, we all need those! But travel can also be an incredible way to learn about the world around you, if you’re willing to go a bit off the beaten path.

So the trips I planned always had a strong element of authentic exploration. We didn’t just visit a place—we dove in, whether that was strolling the colorful cobblestone streets of a once sleepy fishing village in Mexico, renting a home in Costa Rica for an entire summer, or going off-property at a Dominican Republic resort to join a local at his favorite restaurant (it was the most amazing—and cheapest!—meal of our lives).

Your personal travel advisor 

I founded Eckols Travel for travelers who are also seeking more authenticity on their vacations—but who don’t want to give up comfort (and a little pampering!) to find it. Instead, my team and I will infuse your itinerary with both. Through my industry connections, I’ll match you with local-led experiences that leave you saying, “I can’t believe we got to do that!”. We’ll balance that with plenty of free time to discover on your own, so you can follow your own thread.

The result? A vacation that gives you the best of both worlds—and opens up new worlds of opportunity, immersion, and connection.

Laidback Luxury with Local Flavor

Come find your balance with Eckols Travel

The balance between relaxation and exploration. The balance between luxury and authenticity. The balance between incredible, unGoogleable excursions, and going at your own pace. And the balance between making memories with your travel companions, and making connections with the locals.

Because just the right mix makes for transformational travel experiences.

To find your perfect vacation balance

Our Mission

The real value of working with a personal travel advisor? Every single aspect of your escape is personalized to your preferences. I work one-on-one with my clients to uncover what thrills them about travel, so I can include more of that in their custom itineraries—while I eliminate all the guesswork that goes into off-the-beaten-path exploring.


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A local took us on a boat tour of private islands and beaches virtually unknown to tourists—we were the only ones there!

03. Turks and Caicos

We were fortunate to live here for a full summer and visit several times a year! We explored Manuel Antonio to Arenal —it was all a dream!

02. Costa Rica

My husband and I went here on our honeymoon, and then we brought our daughters 20 years later to share the beauty with them.

01. Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Travel Experiences

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